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Welcome to the site of ADPROSA B.V.

Adprosa is a new furniture company from the Netherlands, founded by Aart van der Toorn,who is also a co-designer of various furniture designs in the name of A.art Design. Furniture design originates in ancient Egypt. Furniture design changed in the course of time with different designs and various functions, but the designs of A.art Design are very much exeptional and unique. The uniqueness of the furniture it's base manufactured in stainless steel , whilst the structure could be produced custom made from stone,wood,glass and leather. The tabletops can also be produced in various shapes and measurements for example a desktop, conference table or dining table and so on.

Exclusive tables like “Mars” and ‘’Venus” are made up of first class stainless steel with high-quality tabletops of MGF high-gloss or matte, according to customers choice. These tabeltops are inlaid with tempered glass. The second series consists of white leather table edges that are cut out of one piece.

Our very first design can be viewed in the following pictures. Marvel at the view of our work and you will be convinced of the highly exclusive designs of these eight limited edition pieces.

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